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Wireless Controllers


D-Link Unified Wireless Controllers form the core of every stable wireless network.
Built for high density environments, they allow network administrators to
centralize all aspects of access point configuration, provisioning and management.

High Density Networks

High Density Networks – Highly Stable

D-Link Unified Wireless is a scalable wireless local area network solution built for high density environments. Unified wireless makes use of centralized control policies that allow network administrators to manage the configuration of all access points. Unified Wireless offers self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-healing network capabilities to increase the stability of the entire wireless network.

Unified Access Points

Works Great with Unified Access Points

Get unprecedented scalability and data transmission speeds by combining D-Link Unified Wireless Controllers with D-Link Unified Wireless Access Points. Once the APs are discovered by the controller, the administrator can push a specific set of configurations onto them, rather than having to do so one by one.

In addition, RF resource management and security are also managed centrally, thus allowing the administrator to preemptively identify potential deficiencies and weaknesses in the network.

DWS-1000 DWS-2000

Unified Wireless Controllers

At the core of a D-Link Unified Wireless network is the hardware controller, which centralizes all aspects of access point provisioning and management.

2019 Gartner

D-Link Named an April 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

“Great switches that just do the job and keep working forever.”
— Systems Specialist in the Education Industry

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Automatic RF Management

When a number of access points are deployed close to each other, interference may result if proper RF management isn’t implemented. When a Unified AP senses a neighbor nearby, it can automatically select a non-interfering channel. This greatly reduces RF interference and will allow the administrator to deploy APs more densely. To further minimize interference, when a nearby AP is operating on the same channel, the neighboring AP will automatically lower its transmission power. At any time should the nearby AP drop from the network, the surrounding APs will increase transmission power to expand coverage.

Automatic RF Management

Comprehensive Security

Unified Wireless also provides a comprehensive wireless security solution for easy integration into any network. The Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) featured in each wireless controller detects rogue access points, rogue clients, and can anticipate wireless threats, to help prevent potential breaches and illegal access before any damage is done to the network.

Comprehensive Security

Software License Upgrades

With optional software license upgrades, D-Link Unified Wireless Controllers can be upgraded to support additional access points beyond what’s supported out of the box. Additionally, valuable features such as VPN/Router/Firewall and Web Content Filtering functionality can be added to the DWC-1000 controller.

Software License Upgrades

Wireless Controllers and Licenses

Powerful WLAN access network for the hot cover, large enterprise campus

  • Support CAPWAP Protocol
  • Support System log server
  • Devices can display the location on Baidu Google map


DWC-1000 6 Access Point Upgrade License

  • 6 Access Point Upgrade License for DWC-1000 Unified Wireless Controller


DWC-1000 VPN Upgrade License

  • Router and VPN Upgrade License for DWC-1000 Unified Wireless Controller


DWC-1000 Dynamic Web Content Filtering License 12-months



  • 1-Year Dynamic Web Content Filtering License for DWC-1000 Unified Wireless Controller


Unified Wireless Controller

  • Manage up to 64 APs out of the box (upgradeable to 512)
  • Manage up to 1,024 APs in a controller peer group


DWC-2000 32 Access Point Upgrade License

  • 32 Access Point Upgrade License for DWC-2000 Unified Wireless Controller


DWC-2000 64 Access Point Upgrade License

  • 64 Access Point Upgrade License for DWC-2000 Unified Wireless Controller


DWC-2000 128 Access Point Upgrade License

  • 128 Access Point Upgrade License for DWC-2000 Unified Wireless Controller

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Why Businesses Trust D-Link
Wireless Networking Solutions

“D-Link’s network solution gave us a wireless network that was seven times faster. That gives me a competitive advantage, satisfied tenants and peace of mind.”

“The L2 Fast Roaming works excellently, one client is roaming across 20-30APs a day without any latency or other technical issues. Together with the distributed tunneling the voice applications (IP phones, software-based SIP extensions) are working flawlessly.”