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Nuclias Connect

Your Network, Your Way

An intuitive network management solution for SMBs seeking a flexible, hands-on approach to their infrastructure and user data

Customize and secure your network, intuitively

Nuclias Connect is a solution that makes your network easier to manage, easier to configure, and easier to expand. It empowers your network administrators through its centralized control, configuration, and customization capabilities, while minimizing their onsite workload. 

Nuclias Connect analytics provide an understanding of network and its usage that is robust and intuitive, while minimizing your upfront investment through its legacy compatibility and free-to-download software – it’s maximum control with minimum hassle. 

Customize and secure your network, intuitively



A robust yet affordable solution for SMB’s to base their digital transformation on. Keep your business running at full steam.

Retail Chains


The network foundation for any retailer. Real time analytics help you tailor customer’s Wi-Fi experience, as well as further drive sales.



Create a secure and fast Wi-Fi experience for all your guests throughout your entire premises. Guests will leave 5-star reviews, every time.



A powerful network to support the evolving digital learning experience while ensuring staff and student online safety.

Enhanced, centralized, automated network management

Nuclias Connect is a force multiplier for your IT resources. Network administrators can do their jobs far more effectively and efficiently. Network expansion and configuration are easier, more intuitive, and more cost-effective thanks to centralized control. Outages and complaints are minimized thanks to network self-healing, airtime fairness, and load balancing.

And with its analytics and reporting capabilities, Nuclias Connect enables insights, which can drive business decisions. Network expansion is a snap, updates & configurations are easy, monitoring is intuitive, and centralized management can be broad or precise – it’s that simple.

The Beating Heart of Your Network

The Beating Heart of Your Network

At the heart of your network is the DNH-100 Wireless Controller, or ‘The Hub’. It centralizes all aspects of your Access Points’ provisioning and management, allowing them to work together as a team. Features such as self-organizing, self-optimizing and self-healing keep the network performing at its peak.

Learn more about the DNH-100 now

Network Integrity

Role & Privilege-Based Access Control
Assign different privileges to users within or outside of the organization to manage and monitor your network.

End-to-End Encryption
All communications over Nuclias Connect are secured through HTTPS.

Branded Experience
Add your logo to your Wi-Fi login screen via Nuclias Connect's captive portal functionality. 

We’re a global company with a local touch, and we’ll support you all the way

Over 95% of resellers that have direct contact with D-Link are happy with the service we provide, and 96% are happy with our technical support.

With Nuclias Connect, D-Link has set out to deliver a solution that offers enterprise-grade quality, without enterprise-grade cost, so that SMBs/SMEs can better afford they tools they need to take control and create real value from their network infrastructure.

95% Resellers are happy with the service provided & 96% Resellers are happy with D-Link Tech Support

Key solution features

  • Free Nuclias Connect Software

    Free to Download Management Software

    Use the Nuclias Connect management software to easily manage all your devices together via a single interface.

  • License-Free Access Points

    License-Free Access Points

    With Connect, there is no ongoing yearly licensing fees. They are all yours.

  • Backwards Compatibility

    Backwards Compatibility

    If you have older D-Link Access Points then there is no need to throw away or replace them. They will happily integrate with your network.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Intuitive Interface

    The management software is built for humans, not computers. The tools and features you need are exactly where you would expect them to be, and not some dusty submenu.

  • Inexpensive Hardware Controller

    Inexpensive Hardware Controller

    The Controller is the core of your network. It manages APs throughout your network, keeping traffic flowing freely and efficiently.

  • Traffic Reports Analytics

    Traffic Reports & Analytics

    If you want to know more about your network and how it is being utilized, traffic reporting and analytics within the management software helps you stay in the know in real time.

  • Remote Batch Configuration

    Remote & Batch Configuration

    If you want to perform tasks such as initial setup, or manage the configurations of your APs, there is no need to be on site as they can be managed remotely. APs can be configured one by one, or in batches cutting down admin time.

  • Multi-Tenant Role Based Administration

    Multi-Tenant & Role Based Administration

    Create administrative hierarchies, giving only necessary administrator privileges to those who need it. Delegate limited access for sites and site settings to those on a needs basis. This avoids accidental or malicious actions interrupting your network.

  • Searchable Event and Change Logs

    Searchable Event and Change Logs

    Track and detect changes to your network, which helps with gaining total control over all the devices in the networking environment. Essential for troubleshooting when determining the cause of issues.

  • Customizable Captive Portal

    Customizable Captive Portal

    Customize your Wi-Fi login page with your brand, as well as getting insights into your customers.

  • Multilingual Support

    Multilingual Support

    If you find yourself unstuck, support in several language is on hand to help.

  • Front Desk Ticket Management

    Front Desk Ticket Management

    Print off temporary Wi-Fi login credentials for guests. Great in a hotel setting, where you can give every guest their own unique Wi-Fi login credentials, enhancing network security and getting them online as soon as they check in.

Nuclias Cloud and Connect Comparison

Controller Type
Scalability (Standard)
Solution Scope
Legacy Device Compatibility
Ease of Deployment
User-Friendly Interface
Technical Expertise Req’d
Target Audience
Nuclias Cloud
Complete Solution including APs, Switches, Gateway, and Surveillance Cameras (TBC)

Small to Medium & Large Enterprises
(Licensing fee)
Controller Type
Scalability (Standard)
Solution Scope
Legacy Device Compatibility
Ease of Deployment
User-Friendly Interface
Technical Expertise Req’d
Target Audience
Nuclias Connect
Software Controller - Up to 1,000 APs Hardware Controller - 100 for Nuclias Hub
Customizable Software Controller with AP and hub
Yes (Selected Devices)

Desktop-Based Configuration
IOS and Android
Low to Moderate
Small to Medium Enterprises
Cost-Effective Scaling
(Free software, licensing fee for hub)

Has network control ever been easier?

Download the app now and get started.

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