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Copper Cabling Solutions

Whether you are wiring up a new building, or upgrading an old one, D-Link has all the copper cabling, accessories, and options you need to bring in your project on time and on budget. From the patch cords to the keystone jacks – we’ve got you covered.


Cat 5e

Capable of serving small premises with modest bandwidth needs, Category 5-enhanced (Cat 5e) solutions deliver Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet speeds (10/100/1000 BASE-T), and are backwards-compatible with any legacy Cat 5 infrastructure still in place.

Cat 6

The future-ready standard for any enterprise, Category 6 (Cat 6) infrastructure can reach 10G Ethernet speeds at a range of up to 55 meters, while still offering Cat 5/5e backwards compatibility if needed. D-Link offers both shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP) options. 

Cat 6a

With their robust shielding (STP) and lengthy range (10G at 100 meters), our Category 6a solutions are well-suited to industrial applications that have a lot of ground to cover such as Factories, Warehouses, Oil Refineries, and Data Centers.

Cat 8

The proliferation of Data Centers has driven the emergence of a scalable Fiber-Optic substitute in Category 8 (Cat 8) Ethernet, capable of reaching blazing-fast speeds of 25G, and handling the needs of cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

25 Year Warranty

25-Year Performance Warranty

Once a structured cabling system has been installed, registered by a certified Systems Integrator (SI) and validated by D-Link, a 25-Year Performance Warranty will be issued to the end user, providing both confidence and security in their investment with D-Link.

Three Types of Termination

Three Types of Termination

All D-Link copper cabling solutions have termination options in…

  • Punch Down
  • Toolless
  • Fast Termination Series

Color Ring Patch Cord

Color-Ring Patch Cords

Color-Ring Patch Cords are available for all D-Link copper cabling solutions.

Want the Specs?

Download our 2019 Cabling Solutions Catalog for the full range and specifications of what we offer. 

Need Switches?

D-Link offers a complete range of Managed, Unmanaged, and Industrial Switches, and their accessories.

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Need more options? You'll find what you need in our impressive array of copper cabling solutions designed to fit any deployment, and any budget.